About Us


Barry Professional Skydiver, Shaman, Tiny House Dreamer

“Be Like Water” = Life philosophy. New England born, Californian at heart. Hop head, chili head, metal head. School Manager, S&TA at Skydive Elsinore.


Sydney Optimist, Skydiver, Tiny House Dreamer

Lover of unicorns, tiny houses, and the Puggles. True story. Writer for Blue Skies Magazine, ILoveSkydiving.org, and in charge of marketing & events at Skydive Elsinore.


Jezebel Puggle #1, Chief of Security

I’m rambunctious and head of security for the family. I lead the charge on any and all mischief.


Herbie Puggle #2, Protection Services

Older, wiser, and more relaxed of the two. But don’t be mistaken, I can do tricks.