Storage: Where Are You Going to Put XYZ?

Since we went live with the website yesterday, we’ve gotten a lot of “where are you going to put _____” with regards to storage inside the house, not the house itself (that’s another post for a different day). Most of these questions are in jest, some of them serious. I love these questions, because some of them we have the answer to, and the other ones make us think about the layout of the house.

Where are we going to put the beer? A popular question since we’re both big fans of all things craft beer, especially Barry. At our house now, we currently have a 3/4 size fridge and were previously contemplating getting a dedicated beer fridge. I’m glad we didn’t go that route now that I think about it, because that would be one more thing we need to find room for or give away. I think if we can get a full size fridge in the tiny house and not have it be weird or out of place or whatever, we should be totally fine on beer storage. If not, we can fit plenty of big bottles/growlers of awesome beer in a 3/4 size fridge. Either way, we’ve got this covered.

Where are we going to put our skydiving gear? Fortunately, we have a locker at Skydive Elsinore that is pretty much the perfect size for all of our stuff, and something we could easily integrate into the storage (I’m thinking under the stairs to the loft). The locker at the dropzone is something I’ll need to measure, but it has four rig racks and room to hang our jumpsuits, helmets, and a bunch of other junk we don’t need in it. We could do one with two rig racks and be totally good to go. YOU GUYS, OUR TINY HOUSE WILL HAVE A RIG RACK CLOSET! This is so exciting!

Open Shelving vs. Kitchen Cabinets: I’m a sucker for the look of the open shelving. It makes everything seem so much less narrow, and if you have cool stuff to put on it, even better. One reason I want open shelving in the kitchen is so we can display our growing collection of tiki mugs. At our house now, they’re just chillin in the cabinet. Each one is a memory, and each one is really, really awesome in its own way. Definitely need at least one open shelf thing for the tiki heads. Priorities, people. Functional decoration. I think that’s a thing.

My new obsession with Pinterest. I never thought I’d say this, but holy smokes, Pinterest is AWESOME. I kinda tinkered with the site back when it first launched, but I hadn’t really had a practical use for it since then. I have started a board about Tiny Houses and Permaculture to keep all of the ideas/articles/bookmarks in one place. Everything from mason jar for spice/dry good storage (it’s like freaking ART what you can do with those things, all the colors), to how Barry wants the stairs to have some kind of lighting (good idea), to color schemes. I haven’t crossed over into borderline-dangerous obsession mode on Pinterest, but I have started to utilize it as a tremendous tool to keep track of the things we’re interested in incorporating. Never EVER thought I’d say that. Awesome.

Do any of you guys have tips for small-space living? Websites or magazines or blogs or shows that inspire you? Let us know in the comments!