Herbie Puggle #2, Protection Services

Older, wiser, and more relaxed of the two. But don’t be mistaken, I can do tricks.
The humans adopted me in May 2014. I didn't know I'd be so lucky to get to live with two awesome families in my lifetime (hi, Mom #1). I'm the older of the two Puggles, and it's really cool having another Puggle to do Puggle stuff with. 
I'm a hell of a snuggler, and the humans will confirm this fact. Though, I'm not as mobile as Jezebel is when it comes time to go to bed. Once I'm out, I'm out, and good luck moving me. Usually J-Dogg and I try to conspire to bookend the humans so they can't get out of bed, because surely if they can't get out, then they'll stay at home forever, right? 
While Jezebel freaks out about anything or anyone that comes by the house, I take a more relaxed approach to Protection Services. She's pretty easy to get riled up, but I know when it's time for Double Puggle Protection, and I'll come lend my deeper, more mature voice to the conversation. 
I mentioned I can do tricks. It's true. I can sit, shake, lay down, and roll over. Most of the time, it's sit and shake, but if you want me to lay down or roll over, it's a package deal. I also know how to dance in circles when it's time to eat. It's one of my specialties, and that's how I win over the ladies. 
If you come to visit, I'm a little bit shy at first. I'll bark, and maybe growl if you're a man. I'm the man of the house, and I can't be having someone come in and threaten my status. But, give me a few minutes and soon enough, I'll be shedding on your lap and giving you discreet kisses. I can't let anyone see that I'm giving you kisses, let's be serious.