Jezebel Puggle #1, Chief of Security

I’m rambunctious and head of security for the family. I lead the charge on any and all mischief.
I'm a Puggle with a dream. When I'm not busy barking at every dog that walks by the house, I'm sleeping. It's a tough life, and I rarely get any breaks. I'm the Chief of Security, so it's my job to make sure that any passerby knows that this is OUR HOUSE and we are not to be messed with. So far, so good. People know I'm ferocious so they stay away. 
But when the humans invite people over, beware. I kiss until I can't kiss anymore. I specifically like salty legs after you've been outside all day. Just don't let me near your face. I may be a classy mix of Pug and Beagle, but I like to hold true to my canine ancestry, and sometimes I eat poop. 
When the humans have spare time, they like to take me on hikes. And I hike like a champ. I will run ahead of them, then back to them, then ahead of them and back to them. So I get like 8x the workout, because I'm covering twice the distance and I have four legs. Betcha didn't know Puggles are good at math, did ya? 
If you want to be my best friend, find the treats and give them to me with reckless abandon. The humans like it when I "raise the roof" so give me that command and I'll show you what I'm all about.