Help Us Build Our Tiny House

They say the only way to become a millionaire in skydiving is to start with two million. As natural nomads, since we've met, we've been able to relocate with just what will fit in my Honda Civic Hybrid. It's about time that where we call "home" matches that.

We have been researching what it would take to get into a Tiny House for awhile now. We've obsessed over floor plans, scoured YouTube for tours, and have been looking into buying land of our own. Truth be told, we can't jump out of planes forever. At some point, we'd like to settle down, buy a little bit of land, and be totally off the grid and self-sustaining.

In skydiving, when your main parachute isn't flying properly, you "cut away" and pull the reserve. This metaphor carries over into other aspects of a skydiver's life. Don't like your job? Cut away and find a new one. Your girlfriend doesn't approve of your hobbies? Cut away and find a new one. Now, while we won't be cutting away from each other, we are absolutely ready to cut away from our house in Southern California and build a tiny home.

Living debt free, off the grid, and in a Tiny Home of our own isn't just our dream, it will be our reality. And hopefully that is where you guys come in. We know what we want (shed roof, loft with stairs, solar, composting toilet, and ample kitchen space) but we have NO experience with construction whatsoever.

If you are interested in helping us make our dream a reality, shoot us an email. We would love to work with you.

Help us build our Tiny House

Building a tiny house is no easy feat. If you'd like to help support the Big Sky Tiny House Project, click the "Donate Now" button.

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