Why A Tiny House? 

Why do we want to live in a tiny house? In short: freedom. 

We've both always wanted to put our mark on something, but building an actual house seemed so, permanent. So a tiny house is more our speed. That and the fact that my student loan situation is absolutely ridiculous, thus making the whole mortgage thing pretty much not an option. I've heard for years that paying rent is a waste, blah blah, but in all reality, renting gave us the freedom to move when an incredible opportunity would arise. We weren't tied down to a house we built, we didn't have to worry about being upsidedown in a property. Sure, renting is essentially "throwing away" money that could be used to get a place of our own, but that was the best decision for us. 

Until now. 

Of our close friends and family that we've told, the first question that usually pops up isn't "why" but "where are you going" or "what happens after you build the house?" And honestly, the most appropriate answer for that right now is, wherever we can park the thing. The plan is to stay where we are (Southern California), save all of the money that we would normally spend on living expenses, and let the plans come as life happens.

Short term (after the build is complete, of course): find a place to park it. Anywhere. Whether that's a friend with a backyard who doesn't mind us parking there, in an RV park if they'll allow it, wherever. As we are doing research and reading about Tiny Houses, we're learning that where you set up shop can be the tricky part. 

Longer term: find a plot of land, buy it, and park the house. Start a permaculture garden. Maybe start a community of Tiny Houses. The big-picture goal is to live on land and be completely self-sustaining. We'll grow our own food, the house will be powered on solar panels, our toilet will be composting, and we'll be able to be as remote (or not) as we'd like to be.